The Journey of Life

In the End, We Will All Turn Out Fine.




I feel so alone


I’d like to turn my thoughts off

Okay bye


I just want cuddles right now, I’m stressed and tired and I need cuddles + nap =happy me

Day 15

It’s been ten days since I quit smoking weed on my one, I think I’ve smoked twice but socially and I think I’m gonna keep it that way. Before I’d smoke three four times (or more) … a day…. but now like i don’t smoke as much, the cravings have left me, I just feel so much better about everything. It’s great, it really is. 

Day 6

I haven’t grabbed weed in about six days, I’m proud of myself


I am craving Indian food 😭 it’s soooooo good

All I do is work, work, work (and no I’m not quoting Rihanna’s song) 

I think I’m finally getting my life in order 

I’m getting better at being without you 

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