The Journey of Life

In the End, We Will All Turn Out Fine.


I feel so alone


I’d like to turn my thoughts off

Okay bye


I just want cuddles right now, I’m stressed and tired and I need cuddles + nap =happy me

Day 15

It’s been ten days since I quit smoking weed on my one, I think I’ve smoked twice but socially and I think I’m gonna keep it that way. Before I’d smoke three four times (or more) … a day…. but now like i don’t smoke as much, the cravings have left me, I just feel so much better about everything. It’s great, it really is. 

Day 6

I haven’t grabbed weed in about six days, I’m proud of myself

Day 1

Yesterday, I finished all my weed, I drained out my bong and put it away and threw away the sploof. Today, is day one of sober faye (again) lol hopefully this time it sticks. I’m gonna try my best not grabbing again. Weed makes me so slow, I don’t get my work done on time, I think I’ll rather be productive than high so hopefully I can quit this time for real

Zombies or students

What is the difference between a zombie and a student?

Nothing, they are both internally dead, emotionless, trying to do the task at hand 

For me it’s the amount of assignments I have it’s driving me nuts

To smoke or

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question… 

Whole Wide World – Bahamas.

Few months ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. I was devastated, I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t understand why my best friend would abandon me. I remember how we had talked about what song we’d play on our first dance at our wedding but I couldn’t remember the song title. I told myself that I’ll search and search for the song online and if I couldn’t the song, I’d accept the break up (we hadn’t talked for a month or something at this point but I was so hurt). I couldn’t find the song. I almost became frantic, oh so frantic that I messaged him. Inquiring him about the title; it was a song he had chosen, and I liked it. But he couldn’t remember. It completely broke me. I took it as a sign to move on and accept the breakup. I don’t know why it was so important. Sorta like how Robin loses her necklace in How I Met Your Mother. I felt exactly like that.

Few months later, about five minutes ago, I remembered it out of the blue. I’m much better now, but I don’t know why it came to me. I remembered it was by the Bahamas and I remembered a part of the lyrics. I googled it and found it within minutes. I really wish I hadn’t. Because it just hurts so much more now.

ahhh I was feeling so much better, I feel like I just took a few steps back with my healing process.

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